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Microphotometer at Stellar Department

This instrument is based on Carl Zeiss Jena instrument 208435 Just one channel can be measured at a time. It was equipped with the possibility to measure precise position and read the counts from the detector.

The primal use of this device is to digitize astronomical (stellar) spectra. The basic instructions, how to use the device can be found here (just in Slovak language).

To reduce the data obtained from the device the user is supposed to use the code SPEFO by dr. Horn. The user must supply some information about the measured spectrogram: photometric calibration, list of comparison lines, date and time of exposure, location of the observatory, coordinates of the observed objects, etc.

To describe the properties of the photometric calibration within SPEFO file named logint.dat is used.

Several lists and atlases of comparison lines are available:
name region lamp used at the observatory remarks
Fe_arc_Ondrejov UBVR Fe arc Ondrejov, Czech Republic complete atlas, no SPEFO-ready file
Fe_arc_UB UB Fe arc Ondrejov, Czech Republic  
Fe_arc_BVR BVR Fe arc Ondrejov, Czech Republic  
Fe_arc_UB_DAO_15 UB Fe arc Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Canada 15 A/mm
Ar_Fe_UB_DAO_10_6 UB Ar + Fe Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Canada 10, 6 A/mm

Some other atlases of comparison spectra: NOAO.

SPEFO uses a list of stellar lines which are to be measured. You can chcek the format of this file in the example for Balmer's lines: balmer.stl.

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